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  • Whimsy with a smile…

    I imagine. I create. I bring my concepts to life.

    I believe that the life we build with our loved ones becomes our "craft" and that our children are our greatest creations; filling our lives with special moments.

    Daylight Darling Photography preserves these moments in time that reveal you & your story - your "craft" to the world. My creativity allows me to capture the spirit of you and your loved ones with my signature fun, creative and personalized style.

Mini Sessions are a fantastic make believe place in the middle of our real lives!


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What they also are is an opportunity – An opportunity for you to meet me and see if we “click”.  Maybe you want some updated photos of your little one, or maybe it’s in celebration of a special occasion, whatever the reason…photos make our memories last.

Ill remember that Riley had learned to sit up on her own and that she could hold her own watermelon with this photo!

Ill remember that Marlo was easily bribed with ice cream and candy at this stage in her life, and that she kept laughing with her daddy calling her belly button a “toy”

After they hit the 1 year mark, we tend to get lost in the bustle of our everyday lives, but our loved ones are doing amazing things everyday! And milestone photos can capture the stages of life!

Remember it all, don’t miss a beat…

2014 Mini- Sessions:

Late Aug.: Bohemian Rhinestone Cowboy. Jewel tones, teepee, fringe and feathers…for boys and girls

Late September: Halloween Mini Sessions…Get your babes their costumes early!

Late October-Early November: Fall Family Photo Mini Sessions/ Christmas Card Mini Sessions

As many of y’all know Marlo was the beginning of Daylight Darling.  I have always loved crafting, design, etc, but she brought it all together into one passion.  So I thought I’d show a little of Marlo’s early days as well as my beginnings.  This is mermaid Marlo at about 9 months old.  Marlo’s grandma had made her a cute mermaid outfit, we had a trip planned to Destin, Florida and we had some chubby smiles.

Flash Forward almost exactly 2 years… Marlo is creeping up on turning three years old.  She’s got long curls down her back, a big personality and the smile to match!  I invited (dragged) Marlo and her daddy out to the bay on North Padre Island..ohhh I would say at around 8am.  I spent about 10 minutes photographing and 30 minutes bribing and tadaa…My Marlo is a beautiful sun-kissed mermaid.

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