This is a sweet story…well at least for me it is.  I’ll admit that I have never been the best at the “keeping in touch” part of things.  I often feel like I am pulled in so many directions that its hard for me to reconnect with those I once spent so much time with.  Looong story short- Meet Mandi.  She is my little sister from my college sorority & this is her daughter Olivia, the little “something” that brought us back together after almost 9 years! I love these two girls and I am so glad that they are part of my life!

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Meet Juan “Johnny” Diaz.  He is the most handsome little red head you’ll ever meet! This little guy stole my heart during my time with him and here’s to hoping he steals a little piece of yours too!

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Coming up with concepts and themes for my clients is one of the best parts of the job!  I love finding out what makes each member of your family unique and making that shine through in your images.

Over a year ago I had the idea of building a session around William Shakespear’s quote:

“Though she be but Little, she is Fierce”

I knew I wanted a special little girl that would shine.  I put it on hold for awhile and recently I revisited the concept again for a new client.  Unfortunately the session was cancelled :(.  But I told myself I should not let this idea go to waste!

Enter: Marlo

Why had I not thought of this from the beginning??? I try and update my family photos annually right around Marlo’s birthday, so that each year we can see how much she has changed and grown.

So here’s how this family session…my family session came to life!

First I found a beautiful blue wall that I loved…it was big, in full shade, and was in an urban setting yet a full lawn of grass had grown over the parking lot that once was.  Second, I knew I wanted colors that popped. I love blues and corals are always complementary.  So I built an arsenal of coordinating shades and patterns for Marlo, Trae (husband) and I.  We had balloons in last years family photo & so I decided I wanted balloons to be a common thread that will connect years of family photos.  I also love taking furniture outdoors so there had to be a little of that!

So with all that having been said…here we are!

I absolutely love the way our session unfolded and a huge thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Trey Anz!  So, are you ready for your super special family session?  Fall is approaching and the weather is great, don’t wait! Contact me today so we can start building your own styled family session!

love, the campos family


“So if your too school for cool” – Pink!

Well thats how she says it, and I like it.  AND I think all your little ones are much too cool for the same old school photos.  Make their photos unique and something that captures their true personality.

Want to have fresh, new and custom photos done? Contact me to set up your little ones 2014 school year photo session.

Take a look at these two go-getters! They were all smiles for their session.  Drop me a text, Shoot me an email, or Comment below and we will get your session scheduled.


Well Hello There.

Please… C’mon In & Smile!

Over the summer Daylight Darling found itself a new home! I knew I needed a space to call my own, and a place that moved me closer to all my little clients!  So I pitched an idea to my “momager” (husband) and after some TLC tadaa…We had created a cute little home studio.  Take a look around and see if you find anything you like!  Many of my clients who have already visited my new space call it the “Pinterest” house!

So the question is…When are you coming over?

Above:  This is the entry room.  I figured why not use my props as decor…so you will find that through out the space PROPS are everywhere!  But hey I’m a prop junkie and I’m totally OK with that! So here it is- my collection of blankets, rag rugs, furs, flokatis, etc. all used to add texture, color & fun to your images.

Below:  Opposite from the Great Wall of Blankets you have a nice collection of some of my sweet clients! I have tons more to put up around the place, but mi casa is a work in progress!  Are you dazzled by my most awesome craiglist re-dos?  That’s an old record player that I repainted, and an old chair that was a gift from a friend!  YES, I like old chairs as gifts (HINT).  Check out my darling mini stair case that holds my mini-accordions, a great thrift store find from my niece.


Next up…we have the back room where I set up most of my props.  Wraps, Hats and Layers Oh My!


This is a walk-in closet that is now what I like to call…The Happy Place.  A place where all my props- beds, baskets, stools & more- all live in perfect harmony.

Above:  This display is in my office space, because sometimes I think we all need a visual aid!… 8×10 is actually small and larger sizes compliment walls beautifully.  Show the loves of your life off by going BIG!

Below:  My little bean bag and blanket stand! This is the first stop all newborns make when they come over!  My front room is dedicated to my smallest clients!

So that is a quick tour through Daylight Darling’s new space.  Oh, Did I mention I also have a FULL large detached garage???