4x6  BK Print Release 2016

I love having time to reflect, review, and actually study the craft of photography.  But those moments are few and far between with family, work and just the general “rush” that we all know as life!  That’s why I sign up for photography workshops. But I am a growing artist and every once in awhile I like to take a minute to reflect on my own work and go over my images.  It’s funny but more often than not, my favorite images from a session are often the ones that the parents do not select! What gives!?!?  Kidding, but it just goes to show that we all march to our own beat, and regardless, our children and families are the musicians of life!

I’m so excited to share my  favorite 10 images (ok 13 because Marlo and Hestand are not clients!) of 2016!  So without further ado & in no particular order:


Warren-3 FB

Summer Truck

San Antonio

Pink tutu outdoor maternity

San Antonio newborn panda baby girlDowntown Diva

Baby bear in a chaira baby is on the waySan Antonio childrenExpecting at ChristmasSan Antonio newborn girl with daddy

Hestand-3 FB

I love each one of these images for so many different reasons, whether it be the gorgeous lighting, the dark moody tones, the infectious smile or what the image represents.  Each image tells a story and I remember them all.

None of this would have been possible without:

– the incredible vendors who create all of my adorable newborn apparel

– friends who have had to listen to me go over (& over) all my plans and session details

– my mentor, who has helped me grow so much in the art of newborn photography

– my husband, my partner in every aspect of my life

-and last but not least…ALL of my clients that have trusted me with the most precious things in their lives and who continue to return time & time again! I have watched your children and families grow and I am honored to be a part of that.

I wish you all the best of everything in 2017; the sunniest of skies, the sweetest of kisses and the most magical moments that life has to offer!  From the bottom of my truest heart and from the inner storms of my creative mind,  I thank all of you for a wonderful 2016!

Love, Annie